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2008, August 29
--Mi'raj, Belief and Dhikr

2007 July 21
--Month of Rajab
2007 July 20
--Raghâib Night and the Three Months
2005 December 22
--Summary of Daily Duties

2005 December 19
--Supplication by a Person who is Fasting

2005 December 10
--Delaying the Repentance
--Month of Overcoming Nafs
2005 December 7
--Turning away from sin
2005 December 5
--Book: Ramadhan and Taqwa Training by M. E. Cosan
2005 October 27

--The Principles of our  Path
2004 September 18
--Book:  Islam, Tasawwuf, Life by M. E. Cosan
2004 September 18
--Conveying the Message of Islam and Guiding People
2004 September 1
--Gentleness, Good Manners and Abstinence From the Unlawful
2004 August 24
--Good Manners and Loyalty
2004 June 29
--The Manners of Prophet Muhammad
2004 June 27
--Interpersonal Relationships in Islam

2004 June 19

2004 May 17
--Love of Dunya and Zuhd
2004 March 30
--Tasawwuf and Life
2003 July 18
--What is Islam
2003 May 17
--Mawlana Khalid QS
--Sulayman al Arwadi QS
2003 April 23
--Hasan Hilmi Effendi QS
2003 April 19
-- Ismail Nejati Effendi QS
-- AZG Recommendations
-- Mustafa Feyzi Effendi QS
2003 April 1
-- Abdullah Hasib Effendi
2003 March 29
-- Omar Ziyauddin Dagistani QS
2003 March 25:
-- MEC Tasawwuf in Islam


inscription at the gate
In the Name of God, The Merciful, The Mercy Giving.

Greetings to All Whom These Letters Shall Come!

This page is dedicated to

the Gumushkhanewi Dargah
the Khalidiyya Branch
the Naqshbandi Sufi Order.

This page is not an official page of the Gumushkhanewi Dargah or Shaikh Cosan. The official site for the tariqa is below:
(mainly in Turkish).


Prof. Dr. Mahmud Es'ad COSAN

"Our mission is to live Islam without deviating from its path. We follow the sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh); we avoid the extremes, utilize contemporary tools and means of all kinds, and uphold god-consciousness and piety."
(Prof. Dr. M. Es'ad Cosan)

The Principles of Our Path

Summary of Daily Duties

The Golden Chain of Spiritual Guidance

The Dargah is named after the Great Sufi Master

Ahmad Ziyaeddin Gumush-khanewi (1813 - 1893).

A Brief History of the Dargah

Fatma Sultan Mosque

The Gerat Master Ahmed Ziyaeddin Gumushkanewi initially used his small room in the Mahmud Pasha Madrasa in Istanbul for instruction and guidance. Later, the room became too small for the increasing number of the desciples. With the efforts of Hasan Hilmi Kastamoni, he established a tekke at the Fatma Sultan Mosque. Later on this mosque became known as the "Gumushkhaneli Dargah." The Dargah became a school for studying the traditions of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). Important personages attended the Hadith Lectures in the tekke.

After the tekkes were closed by the government in 1925, the mosque was kept open to serve the Muslims until 1945. Despite the fact that it was declared as a historical work, the mosque was demolished in 1957 with a lame excuse of "widening the road nearby."

Ummu Gulsum Mosque

Although the tekkes were officially closed, the instruction and the guidance of the order continued. First, the Damad Ibrahim Pasha Mosque with Shaikh Hasib Effendi, then the Ummu Gulsum mosque with Shaikh Abdul'aziz Effendi became the center of the Gumushkhanawi Dargah. In 1958, then presiding Shaikh Muhammad Zahid Burusawi moved to Iskenderpasha Mosque in the same neighborhood. Since then, Iskenderpasha has been the Dargah of the order.

Iskenderpasha Mosque

The late Shaikh Mahmud Es'ad Cosan spent a great deal of time abroad -- from Australia to Europe and America-- providing spiritual guidance to the masses as well as to the novices and the advanced in the sufi order. He passed away on February 4, 2001 in a traffic accident in Australia--May Almighty Allah bless his soul.

You will find some links to the works by Shaikh Mahmud Es'ad Cosan on this page. Please keep in mind that this page is not an official page of the Gumushkhanewi Dargah or Shaikh Mahmud Es'ad Cosan. The information presented here has been gathered by Hasan El Sinjani from various sources some of which have the links below:

www.iskenderpasa.com (Official page of the tariqa--mainly in Turkish)

www.sonuyari.org (Son Uyari Gazetesi -- Turkish)

www.dervisan.com (Turkish)
www.zikrullah.com (Turkish)
www.cilehane.com (Turkish)

Shaikh Mahmud Es'ad Cosan declared the Year 2000 as "Tawheed (Unity) Year."

"Let's work for the Tawheed Year"

"Let the Year 2000 be the Unity Year"

MEC color Commentaries by Shaikh Mahmud Es'ad Cosan (in English)

Friday Discourse (in English)

Qur'anic Study Lectures (in Turkish)

38 Online Books (in Turkish)

We intend to have some of the recent lectures available in English in near future.

This page is still under construction, so some of the links may be unavailable yet.

If you see any error in the information presented, please let us know via e-mail: Hasan El-Sinjani